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Tai Chi

Tai Chi is NOW Included & Can Be Used with New & Existing Class Packages! 

A 60 minute TaiChi and Qigong class beginning with a focused intention, set with an essential oil, including a variety of gentle stretching movements, some agility movements to build balance, a variety of individual movements, introduction to 7-Form at a very slow pace, and ending with a seated median.  What is TaiChi (or taiji)?  As described by my Chinese Master, Yang Yang, “The dynamic interaction of yin and yang.”  It is an ancient Chinese martial ART that can be practiced by any ability level, any age, to improve flexibility, strength, balance, inner peace, and sleep!  

Yoga for Stress Relief *(Currently Unavailable)*

In this class, you will find breathwork coupled with gentle movements. Props will be incorporated to minimize stress while in yoga poses. Targeting the places and spaces where stress commonly manifests in the body/mind will help aid and control stress levels. There will be a longer supported relaxation at the end of class. Bring props from home & a large pillow case when using a studio bolster.  Open to all levels.

Beginning Class

This class is good for beginning and intermediate students.  Emphasis is on alignment(as it is in all classes) and a variety of asanas with instruction and support.

Gentle Yoga

A perfect class for those with limited mobility or in need of a combination of restorative poses, breathwork, and gentle yoga poses.  This group is very supportive and usually goes out for tea or coffee after class.

Flow into Stillness  (Yin/Yang) *(Currently Unavailable)*

Flow into Stillness is a combination of Yin (slow & still) & Yang (movement & energy) yoga postures.

In this particular class, we will begin with our Yang poses and ease into the Yin portion of class. The first 10-15 minutes of class will always be a time for settling in. During this time, we will connect with our breath & body while tuning into the energy we brought onto the mat with us. From there, we begin with floor poses intended to wake up the spine and move into a few rounds of sun salutations to warm the entire body. The Yang portion of class will finish strong with standing poses. 

During the second portion of class, we will enter into our longer held, Yin poses. These poses will target the connective tissues as we release muscular efforts. In doing so, we go deep within the body to affect the tendons, ligaments and fascia. In Yin, we also get into the energy channels located in our connective tissues to release any stuck or stagnant energy so that we may live our best lives and feel fully balanced. 

Beginning Class 

A typical beginning class with a variety of sequences and poses appropriate for beginners and advanced beginners. This class that is taught to the level of the individuals in the class.  

Cor Unum *(Must go through Peaceful Remedies to Join this Class)

Sponsored by Peaceful Remedies this class is open to anyone who has had cancer.  There is no limit as to how long ago your cancer occurred.  You all have something to offer and to be gained by this class.  It is supportive, nurturing, gentle, and free of charge. This class is 1 hour & 10 minutes.

Yoga for a Fluid Body

Yoga asanas, breathwork, and movements to reconnect to our fluid body and release tension and pain.  This class is open to all levels.

Just Breathe (Vinyasa Flow)

This is a 60 minute Vinyasa Flow practice and is suitable for all levels. The term, "Vinyasa," means "linking movement to breath," and it also means "to place mindfully."  A typical Vinyasa (flow) practice tends to be faster paced and Yang (energetic) oriented. At times, proper alignment is emphasized and the practitioner can expect to build confidence, strength, flexibility and muscular endurance. Class will end with a 5-10 minute relaxation. 

Journey  yInward ( Yin)

This class focuses on the more feminine qualities of yoga poses.  Yin poses are done mostly seated or lying down and usually held for 2 to 5 minutes.  Asanas (poses) are structured to affect Chinese Meridians (energy channels that exist throughout the body & within connective tissues) and are therapeutic for joint capsules and connective tissue.  Yin is known for having profound healing properties and a wonderful practice to bring much needed balance to our current pace of life because it allows us a much needed opportunity to slow down, relax and really feel what is going on within. Yin's slow paced, introspective and meditative nature makes it suitable for almost any level of practitioner to attend class and easily follow along. Taking time to slow down gives us an opportunity to exist joyfully with present moment awareness. Through a regular Yin yoga practice, we discover ourselves on a deeper mental, physical, emotional and even spiritual level.

Overall, Yin yoga is a wonderful practice to bring much needed balance to life. Letting go of the concerns of the day, while allowing the body to be still gives the body and mind a chance to refresh and renew.


Recovery Yoga (Online on Zoom ONLY

1:00 p.m.

1st & 3rd Saturday of each month

This class is 90 minutes in duration and based on the 12 Steps of Recovery. Each meeting is broken into two segments - talk time & mindful movement. In the first 45 minutes of class, each participant will have an opportunity to share with the group if they wish. The second half of class moves on to include gentle movements suitable for most levels of practitioner. These gentle poses are designed to promote healing, relaxation, stress relief, and may assist with emotional release.

To take this class, you must first download Zoom on your preferred device. Once you set up Zoom, you will need the ID below to join the class on the 1st & 3rd Saturday of each month at 1:00 pm. 

ZOOM ID: 879 4983 1873

There is no set fee for this class, however, donations will be accepted. 

Contact Cathy Smith for more information.

Single Session 

Drop in Rate: $15

* The drop in rate applies to all regular weekly classes, regardless of class duration.


Class packages & Yearly Memberships


 5 Class Package: $ 65

10 Class Package: $120

15 Class Package: $165                  20 Class Package: $215                             

Unlimited yearly membership: $900

10% discount for Seniors & Students

Private Sessions


Private Sessions are often used to:

  • Prepare you for joining group classes

  • Address specific needs that require personal attention. i.e...

    • scoliosis, fibromyalgia, injuries, even pregnancy


Private Session Bundle

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$65 each