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When you visit us, you will experience...

  • A beautiful & serene space that encourages inner peace and clarity

  • Experienced Teachers who have the knowledge & confidence to guide each person into the pose that's right for them

  • A fully equipped studio containing all props needed for class at no extra charge

  • Small classes so that our instructors are able to provide individual attention & address specific needs

  • A friendly, positive & nurturing atmosphere that creates a supportive setting in which to learn & grow in 

  • Breathing techniques that can be taken off of the mat & easily integrated into daily life to keep you calm and grounded

  • Challenging poses that will help to stretch and strengthen the body with modifications provided to make them accessible to all levels of experience

  • Restorative class opportunities offered for an entire week each month that will assist those looking to slow down and hope to relieve everyday stress and tension

  • A safe and peaceful environment where you can feel good about taking care of yourself

Our Mission

Put simply, our mission is to share: to share our knowledge of and experiences with yoga, our love of the natural world and its inhabitants, and our joy for life itself. Decades of development have gone into these perspectives, many decades. Along the way, we've grown and changed from yoga technicians to something more like yoga intuitives, and become more flexible in every regard. We've learned that strength must be applicable to a wide variety of situations and challenges, and goes into our character, not merely our musculature. Our hearts, too, have been opened wider, especially by the beautiful diversity of our students. We try to live our yogic principles every day and in every way. Are we perfect? Of course not, but even in sharing our normal lives we hope to offer some insights into other's challenges. 

Weaving a web of community is another goal, wether it's celebratory gatherings and concerts, or a pick up table tennis game. In our small city people connect and reconnect in lovely and unexpected ways, before, during, and well after classes or workshops. We embrace the concept of a free trial class, especially for the "yoga curious" and or those ready to have their expectations possibly shattered. How you feel after a class experience is a great metric: calm, focused, and extra present is what we hope for. Many folks report a very good night's sleep following a class day.

Sure, we have to be something of a "business": we have a financial overhead to satisfy, but striving for a fair pricing structure and accommodating individual needs is very important to us as well. In serving numerous generous souls, we can usually meet the needs of the financially challenged. Our offerings are quite broad, from Restorative yoga for the highly stressed on to Vinyasa, for the athletic person looking for more of a mindful and safe workout. Most classes have a mix of both, with range of motion maintance or improvement built in: in short, a balance. Yoga is a science, and we teach it as such, but like science itself, it opens doors to many, many possibilities.

◦ Finally, as we age, and try to do so gracefully, realistically, we try to model health at all stages of life. Yes, that's far from easy, but we do it together, and gratefully. The practice helps keep us all younger, especially at heart. Joining us is multidimensional, fun, and probably as challenging as you can handle.

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