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Q & A

Q: Do I need to be flexible to practice Yoga? 
A: No, Our bodies need to be stretched and strengthened and relaxed. Yoga is a balance of these plus breath work. It will help you to feel younger longer and will enhance whatever activities you do outside of class.

Q: Can Yoga help me to lose weight? 
A: No and yes. By itself, Yoga classes won't burn huge amounts of calories. In time however, Yoga can help you to focus your attention on your particular goals and can help you achieve virtually anything you care to.

Q: My schedule varies. Is it possible to attend other classes than the one I signed up for? 
A: Yes, we usually have room in all the classes so that you can make-up a missed class or come to more than one class per week.

Q: How will I know if Yoga is working for me? 
A: You may notice that some aches and pains clear up after just a few weeks. You may experience a warm feeling of well-being, especially after a class or you may find yourself sitting and standing straighter. Yoga greatly increases self awareness and opens us to a more compassionate way of being.

Q: Do you encourage taking Yoga "off the mat"? 
A: Absolutely. Techniques learned in class can help in every day tasks both physical and otherwise. Breathing techniques will help with stress reduction and sleep problems. Increased mindfulness will help you to slow down and more fully experience your life and your interactions with others.

Q: What do I need to know before coming to Yoga class? 
A: Do not eat much for two hours before class and wear clothes that are comfortable for stretching. In the winter months it is best to wear layers so that you can adjust to changes in body temperature. We provide all the props, although some people prefer to have their own mat, bolster, and blanket.

Q: What is a typical Yoga class like? 
A: Each class begins with a ten or 15 min. breathing lesson. We spend about 1 hour doing Yoga poses which vary depending on the week, but cover range of motion and strengthening poses. Each class ends with about 15 min. of relaxation in a restorative pose.

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