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Farewell, Frank. You are already missed, but your magic will always live on.

- A note from Linda and Howard


Many of us know that Frank Abbott left us for good about a week ago. We feel that he left us better people, and did so in the quietest and gentlest way possible.

Frank taught mostly Yin yoga here at North Coast, a slow, meditative form of yoga that suited him well and to which he was strongly pulled. The work goes deeply into one’s body, and Frank took his students there easily. Let us show a distinction which he made: he always referred to “leading” a class rather than “teaching” it, a sign of his true humility.

Over a decade of association we interacted a fair amount with Frank and his wife Sandy: a super-solid couple with a deep and obvious connection. Our knowledge of who Frank was has, interestingly, only grown since his passing: not saying that we didn’t take the time to know him, but one could make that assumption. Like many people in our lives, our relationship could have been described as somewhat superficial: too bad. Maybe a lesson we could all draw here is to take more time in learning one another, not merely “friending” folks through electronic media.

Another teaching of Frank’s was both simple and profound: his personal mantra. “Breathe, relax, and feel.” “Breathe, relax, and feel.” Frank was a true servant, to his family, his beliefs, and importantly in his career as a firefighter, a public servant. He grew into a yoga instructor in the later part of his too-short life, and we’re very grateful that he did. The lessons of yoga seem to have helped him in his untimely passing: the ultimate lesson. Thank you from our hearts Frank: you served this world very, very well. Howard and Linda



North Coast Yoga Studio will be closed for as long as necessary to prevent the spread of the corona virus.  We will be doing some deep cleaning and maintenance.  Please stay safe and strong.  Breath and stretch!

A Note from Howard & Linda.

As we all experience, react, adjust, and try to process our recent upheaval, our additional concerns include our “business”, a sincere and dedicated yoga studio. Please notice the quotation marks around ‘business’. We’ve long been aware that many typical business practices don’t apply, according to us, to a studio such as ours. Sure, we have bills to pay and a so called bottom line, but the studio exists for somewhat higher purposes, namely collective and personal health and well-being, community building and information sharing. We genuinely want to be better and do good for our constituents.

The pandemic has, we know, changed literally everything, at least for the foreseeable future. We’re all looking cautiously at new circumstances and wondering how things will unfold, both for us and our institutions. Does a yoga studio have a place in the new paradigm? We surely hope so, expect so, and would love to explore that reality. What will have to change and how does a studio look and operate under new conditions? We hope folks will rejoin us and even new ones “show up” to help form an even better entity to better meet our needs.

Many, if not all yoga adherents, are continuing to benefit from both physical and psychological improvements they’ve already seen. We certainly have, even though our personal practices have been greatly altered. Centering and meditation techniques have been particularly useful in very stressful and very uncertain times. Apologies if our online offerings have been modest, with great praise for Becky Lloyd’s (Yoga with Becky) ongoing commitment and online faithfulness. We’re old school, not to mention septuagenarians, and better inclined to “in person” interactions. We feel that our Yin oriented, slow and careful approach is near perfect for these times, but need to know if our ways will still work for these new conditions.

Many of us have long seen a “new age” or even a revolution of sorts. Developments have definitely underlined the connection of use all, for better and sadly, for worse. Meanwhile, we’ve got what we’ve got, and it includes an excellent physical space, and many wonderful students. Thank you to everyone who’s helped us, cared for us, and trusted us over the years: it’s been a loving and fulfilling ride which we hope can continue.


Respect and peace to all.



L& H

Kids Yoga/Tween Yoga/Family Yoga

When children are encouraged to maintain a regular     yoga and/or    meditation practice, the benefits are boundless. Not only are they better able to handle every day stressors and adjust to change with more ease, they tend to feel more....

  • confident

  • grounded

  • present

  • aware

  • clear minded

  • level headed

  • connected

  • happy

  • balanced

  • healthy

and  become less...

  • anxious

  • stressed

  • depressed

  • isolated

  • angry

  • disconnected

  • rigid

  • tense


When    child(ren) are supported    in their  pursuit   of       mindful and       healthy activities, they have an opportunity    to   explore    life-long practices that will assist    them  as they grow into physically, mentally and emotionally sound individuals.

Visit us! Your first class is free. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain...

  • A beautiful & serene space that encourages inner peace and clarity

  • Experienced Teachers who have the knowledge & confidence to guide each person into the pose that's right for them

  • A fully equipped studio containing all props needed for class at no extra charge

  • Small classes so that our instructors are able to provide individual attention & address specific needs

  • A friendly, positive & nurturing atmosphere that creates a supportive setting in which to learn & grow in 

  • Breathing techniques that can be taken off of the mat & easily integrated into daily life to keep you calm and grounded

  • Challenging poses that will help to stretch and strengthen the body with modifications provided to make them accessible to all levels of experience

  • Restorative class opportunities offered for an entire week each month that will assist those looking to slow down and hope to relieve everyday stress and tension

  • A safe and peaceful environment where you can feel good about taking care of yourself

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