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Bring your own props when you can
The studio is nice and clean!
Our beautiful studio


We've had quite the journey since March, but we are OPEN and ready to assist you with your indoor practice once again! 

Visit us! Your first class is free. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain...

  • A beautiful & serene space that encourages inner peace and clarity

  • Experienced Teachers who have the knowledge & confidence to guide each person into the pose that's right for them

  • A fully equipped studio containing all props needed for class at no extra charge

  • Small classes so that our instructors are able to provide individual attention & address specific needs

  • A friendly, positive & nurturing atmosphere that creates a supportive setting in which to learn & grow in 

  • Breathing techniques that can be taken off of the mat & easily integrated into daily life to keep you calm and grounded

  • Challenging poses that will help to stretch and strengthen the body with modifications provided to make them accessible to all levels of experience

  • Restorative class opportunities offered for an entire week each month that will assist those looking to slow down and hope to relieve everyday stress and tension

  • A safe and peaceful environment where you can feel good about taking care of yourself

Kids Yoga/Tween Yoga/Family Yoga

When children are encouraged to maintain a regular yoga and/or meditation practice, the benefits are boundless. Not only are they better able to handle every day stressors and adjust to change with more ease, they tend to feel more....

  • confident

  • grounded

  • present

  • aware

  • clear minded

  • level headed

  • connected

  • happy

  • balanced

  • healthy

and  become less...

  • anxious

  • stressed

  • depressed

  • isolated

  • angry

  • disconnected

  • rigid

  • tense

When child(ren) are supported    in their  pursuit of mindful and   healthy activities, they have an opportunity to explore life-long practices that will assist them  as they grow into physically, mentally and emotionally sound individuals.

North Coast Yoga

Oswego, New York


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